Nanit Insights (3 Free Months)

Nanit Insights (3 Free Months)

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Unlock Better Sleep with Nanit Insights

As a thank you to FitPregnancy readers, we are offering 3 free months of Nanit Insights.

Nanit Insights is a paid subscription service that supercharges your Nanit monitor. Nanit Insights takes our best-in-class top-down monitor and transforms it into an Intelligent Sleep Guru.  It unlocks Nanit’s Sleep Suite including the sleep score, day and night time-lapse summaries, sleep tips & advice, stored video history, and more.

Nanit Insights includes rolling 30 days:  

  • Sleep Tracking
  • Night Timelapse
  • Activity Feed
  • Collaboration & sharing tools
  • Video History

3 free months of Nanit Insights are made up of (a) 1 free month of Nanit Insights that all customers receive when they purchase a Nanit Camera & Floor Stand, and (b) 2 additional free months of Nanit Insights when signing up under this special offer. In order to redeem this offer, you must (a) purchase a Nanit Camera & Floor Stand at the following URL:, and (b) be a new Nanit customer. This is a limited time offer and will expire on October 15th, 2017.